Our Team

Our Doctors

  • Dr Beena Chaugule
  • Dr Leonie Matthews
  • Dr Keith Roberts
  • Dr Philip Sharp
  • Dr Gary Swift
We have doctors on site daily on weekdays apart from Thursday mornings.
New clients are generally approved onto the program within 1-2 days, subject to approval from the NSW Health.

Other Allied Health Staff

  • Ms Sinead Shiels – Hepatitis CNC from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (available fortnightly on Friday 6:30am-10:00am)
  • On-site pathology – Laverty Pathology
  • Registered Pharmacists and Nurses

Joining Process

  1. Bring a valid photo ID, Medicare card, concession card (if applicable)
  2. Fill out paperwork
  3. Seen by our doctors for assessment and application
  4. Paperwork sent to the NSW Health for approval
  5. Start dosing after application is approved